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8 Ways to Keep Glasses From Fogging Up With a Face Mask

Updated: May 11, 2021

If you're tired of foggy lenses, look below at the ways to keep your glasses from fogging up when wearing a facemask, or really anytime that fog seems to be an issue.

Here is what you need to know!

1. Choose a mask with wire.

You may have noticed that some facemasks have a piece of wire over the bridge of the nose. These masks are ideal for eyeglass wearers because the wire can be pressed around the nose for a snug fit. Once the mask is secure around the bridge of the nose, less heat and condensation from your breathing will make its way to your glasses. If you have the option of a mask with a nose wire, go for it! These create a better fit and can help reduce foggy glasses.

2. Grab some tissue.

Preventing foggy glasses may be as simple as grabbing a piece of tissue. To prevent eyeglass fog using this method, take a piece of Kleenex or toilet paper and fold it into a small square. When you put on your facemask, tuck the piece of tissue between the mask and the bridge of your nose. The tissue will absorb some of the moisture that naturally occurs between your skin and the mask, thus helping reduce eyeglass fog! The tissue may help your mask fit more comfortably as well, preventing irritation that can occur when the mask rubs against your skin.

3. Try adjusting your glasses.

A quick fix for foggy eyeglasses may be as simple as adjusting the placement of your glasses. The idea here is to keep the glasses away from the nose vent. Move your glasses higher or lower on your nose (whichever you are more comfortable with) in order to distance them from the nose vent. This should offer some relief from fog when you are in a hurry and don’t have other helpful materials on you.

4. Use defogger spray on your glasses.

You can use defogger spray on your glasses as a fog preventative! Using the spray prior to wearing your mask can help the fog from accumulating on the lenses.

5. Clean your glasses with shaving foam.

Take a few dabs of shaving foam (just basic foam, not gel) and apply it to your lenses. Wipe clean. Do not rinse your glasses afterward. The shaving foam will create a clear protective layer over the lenses that will prevent fog from attaching. You don’t need to use a lot of shaving foam, in fact, just a dab is perfect for getting the job done.

6. Wash with soap and water.

This trick is something that those in the medical field have been doing for ages and works well. To prevent your eyeglasses from fogging while wearing a facemask, simply rinse the lenses with warm, soapy water. Place the glasses on a towel to thoroughly air dry. It is important to let them naturally air dry. This is another situation where a protective film will form that will prevent fog from accumulating on your lenses. The only downside to this method is it may have to be repeated several times a day if you are wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time.

7. Avoid clothing items that obstruct airflow.

This is a common mistake that many people make without realizing it, which is why optometrists recommend this tip. When you wear clothing items such as turtlenecks or scarves around your neck, you are obstructing airflow. Since air can’t escape well through the bottom of the mask, it will go out through the top. The end result is foggy glasses. When wearing a mask, keep the area under your chin and neck clear. This will help air circulate evenly, preventing fog.

8. Tape your mask.

If you really want to ensure that no air gets out of the top of your mask, tape it to your face with medical tape. This is a pretty extreme solution and should not be done for extended periods of time. To do this, apply your mask to your face by taping it across your nose and cheeks. Leave the bottom of the mask untaped!

If you are having trouble seeing clearly due to eyeglass fog, hopefully, some of these solutions can help! These 8 ways to keep your glasses from fogging up while wearing a facemask are simple and can be done with common household supplies. Give them a try and see if you can beat foggy glasses for good.

Don't hesitate to connect with us if you have any other questions.

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