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Why your child should see an optometrist before starting school

The period before back-to-school is the ideal time to book an optometrist appointment for your child. Here’s why.

Vision problems are common among school children.

One in five children develops vision problems in preschool and primary school. At this age, the most common issues are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus and amblyopia. These conditions can impede your child from seeing well and reading information written on the board or in their textbooks. It can also make it difficult for them to participate in physical education.

• Most learning is done with the eyes.

In the first 12 years of your child’s life, most of their knowledge is acquired visually. Over time, vision problems can lead to learning difficulties or developmental delays.

Children with vision problems don’t always express their difficulties.

Children aren’t necessarily aware that they have trouble seeing. In fact, most will devise strategies to work around their vision challenges. An annual eye exam will help you track any changes in your child’s vision and adjust their prescription if needed.

Taking care of your child’s eye health is one of the ways you provide the resources they need to learn.

Call today to book an eye exam for your child; (613) 936-6600

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